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December 15, 2007 by dharmagrl
It was D's work Christmas shingdig last night.  We had to get there early to set up - Dave had done most of the foot-work and had pretty much set up the whole party.

I started drinking at 6pm and didn't stop until 11pm, but for some strange reason lost the wee little buzz that I had going halfway through and didn't manage to regain it. 

There was LOTS of brass there last night (that's mil-speak for high ranking officers).  Lots.  Like General kind of brass, and I had t...
December 14, 2007 by dharmagrl
I met with the Principal, Vice-Principal and a local Police Officer at Shea's school this morning.

Shea told them extent of the harrassment and made a formal written statement.  The school won't tell me what action will be taken aginst the boy who touched her, but they DID tell me that they weren't going to let it go unpunished. 

Shea is not the only girl this boy has done this to.  He's also got a Juvenile Detention record for assault.  From what I heard this...
December 13, 2007 by dharmagrl
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December 13, 2007 by dharmagrl
I'm standing by the window, looking down 16 stories to the highway below when he walks in the door.  We introduce ourselves, and he starts asking me questions.  A couple of minutes into our meeting, he hits gold and I answer 'yes' to EVERY question he asks me.

He chuckles and tells me I'm falling to pieces, and I laugh and agree with him. He takes my hand. 

'We need to get an MRI.  I don't think you have MS; I think that a lot of what you're experiencing is due to...
December 11, 2007 by dharmagrl
Dear The Internets,

Today was not a good day.  First, My Momma had to take the Littlest Kid to see DocVee.  I dunno what DocVee is, but when they came home, the Littlest Kid had a sore arm and My Momma said he had to get Shot.  I know what Shot is; my friend Rocky who used to live next door went hunting with his People sometimes and he said that Shot is what happens when People point a big stick at other animals and make it go BANG and then the animal they pointed it ...
December 10, 2007 by dharmagrl
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December 7, 2007 by dharmagrl
It is I, Gracie.  I am back again today because I don't gots to be in my room and My Momma is busy doing something with this white box that makes all kinds of slooshy water noises.  She's putting those things that peoples wear over their fur every day in it, and then she puts some runny smelly stuff in there too.  I dunno why you peoples don't have much fur - do you haves flees?  I had a flea once.  My Momma founded one on my belly, and then her and My Dave putted me in ...
December 6, 2007 by dharmagrl
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December 6, 2007 by dharmagrl
Well, Jake might lose his right front tooth.  It snapped off so badly that the nerve was just about exposed and, despite Dr Brent's best efforts, it's going to be touch and go whether that nerve dies and Jake keeps that tooth or not. 

There wasn't any rebuilding this time, either.  He's done too much damage.  Dr Brent just patched him up the best he could, covering the exposed ends of tooth with composite filling so's that it wouldn't look AS bad.  IF the nerve dies,...
December 5, 2007 by dharmagrl
This happened 2 years ago:

The same thing happened tonight, but this time it's much, much worse.  He has barely any tooth left on his left side and not much on his right (he won't let me post a photo of it, bless him).  I don't think that they can be fixed so easily this time...I have a feeling that a partial or some crowns might be necessary until he's done growing and is old enough to have implants put in.  The good news is that we have dental insurance. 

He was...
December 5, 2007 by dharmagrl
Dear Bitches,

I want you to know that I'm forever going to remember what you did today.  For-fucking-ever.  Your lack of humanity, your total and utter lack of care and concern for the person you loosely call your 'patient' will forever be my Gold Standard - of how NOT to behave, of how NOT to treat another human being. 

I want you to know how close I came to punching one of you in your gold-toothed-gum-snapping-mouth when you stripped that little old lady of all of her clo...
December 4, 2007 by dharmagrl
Plastic - or cosmetic - surgery for celebrities has been a common thing for quite some time now, often with poor results.  Nicole Kidman looks like a Klingon because she's had so much Botox injected into her forehead, Tara Reid had HORRIBLE breast implants with scarring around her areolas (remember the 'oops! my boobie fell out!' moment on the red carpet, anyone?) and her so much liposuction on her abdomen it looked like some pre-school kid's experiment with modelling clay, and lets not for...
November 20, 2007 by dharmagrl
I had to go see a physician this morning.  I've been having some disturbing symptoms - muscle fasiculations (twitching) in my hands, fingers, arms, legs, feet, toes, lips and tongue, feeling dizzy and off-balance a lot and extreme fatigue (so bad that I have a hard time making it up the stairs at home some days) are the main ones - and I wanted to get it checked out.  I know my body pretty well and I know that something's just not right, so I called last week and made an appointme...
November 19, 2007 by dharmagrl
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November 18, 2007 by dharmagrl
I've lived in a few places in my almost 40 years of life.

I started out in Oxford, England.  Then when I was 4 months old, I got moved to a wee little village about 1 miles from the city.  I was there for 17 years before the wanderlust hit me and I came to the US.

4 years and many states later, I came back to the UK and met a southern Indiana boy who decided he wanted to keep me forever and have me make babies with him.   He took me to South Dakota and kept me there for...