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Published on February 2, 2009 By dharmagrl In Life Journals

Hey, y'all.  Long time no see.  Well, that's not entirely true; I've been coming here and seeing you, but I don't think that you've seen me.  I've been lurking; flitting about in the shadows and watching from afar.

The more things change, the more they've stayed the same.  Some things are radically different, some not-so-much.

I am:

Back in Illinois

Recovering from a shoulder reconstruction surgery

Qualified as a medic.

Going to the MEPS station this spring to see if I can pass the Army physical.  If I can, I'm heading to basic and then on to 68W (combat medic) training - with rank because I'm already a NREMT.

Still doing some stuff for hospice.

In better shape physically than I have been for years.

Interval training 5 days a week for at least a mile and a half a day, and I'm running more of that distance than I'm jogging.

Still in touch with my former patients and their families.

Embracing Atheism.



Good at my job.

Applying to the Fire Acadmeny if the Army thing doesn't work out.


LW, I was sad to read about your diagnosis.  I can't figure out the PM thing here, or else I'd have messaged you waaaay before now.

Mason, I'm sorry for your loss.  If there's any way I can help, please let me know. 

This job; being a medic....this is where I'm supposed to be.  I have stories to tell about experiences that make some people vomit; I've seen things and dealt with things that can break people's hearts but I've also done things that make the world seem right again and I've actually saved a couple of lives.  Kids get to me.  So does snot.

Blog on, y'all.




on Feb 02, 2009

Heya, glad to hear you're doing well and loving your career.  I hope your shoulder is coming along.  Reconstruction surgery is not fun so hopefully, this is working out for you.

Good luck with your application to the Army.  I'm keeping everything crossed and hoping you are accepted.  And it is nice to see you saying you're happy and content.  This doesn't come easy, as I know.

Like you, in the last twelve months I've made some significant changes with regards to my health.  I'm at the gym at least 5 days a week and am enjoying my fitness regime.  I've put on weight (a big deal for me) and I'm now the heaviest I've ever been and most of this is muscle!

Great to 'see' you.

on Feb 02, 2009

Hey there, long time no see. Glad to see you around. Home the surgery went smooth.

on Feb 02, 2009

Blog on, y'all.

Don't you know it, girl.